Impressive and never available before possibilities
of the NLOYT connected cars

Fully online remote car maintenance, in the
real time mode, at the best workshops and
by professional engineers

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Maintenance services now
available fully online

Direct car connection to the all
online workshops across the planet

Any vehicle are able to connect, from cars
to combine harvesters and bulldozers

From now on you are able to maintain your car online

Establish direct remote connection with
workshop in 5 seconds. No need no waste
your time on the road to get wire connection.

Franchise professional diagnostics available,
configurations and reprogramming across
all car control units

Your car handled by experienced high-
qualified engineers via professional
diagnostics tools and software

Start to monitor all your transport
fleet’s units and aggregates 24/7 in
the real time mode

Record all maintenance and usage
history and perform comprehensive
costs accounting and analysis

All available vehicle resources in single
window mode: routine maintenance,
warranty, fuel, insurance and more

For commercial fleets we offer a free test installation
on any particular car, to demonstrate the capabilities
and advantages of the system

The unique connected
workshops eco system

The system is able to interconnect with
official franchise workshops, specialized
service centers and even OEMs

All connected workshops undergo a reputation
test, engineers qualifications
and equipment quality compliance

The system is built on the real customer’s
feedback basis, and from those who were
already obtained services online

Full set of professional
diagnosis and adjustments

Choose any kind of services that are
needed just in time, with the best
price, workshop and reputation

Experienced engineers will not only
conduct error diagnostics, but also
check all the necessary system settings

Reprogram original car makers
software or perform chip tuning
similar to Formula 1 technologies